About Us

Welcome to Biryani Hyderabadi, home to the authentic ‘Dum Biryani’ from the kitchen of yesteryear’s Nizams.

Hyderabadi Biryani is truly the dish of royals that reigns supreme as the World’s only one pot meal known for its fragrant and pampered rice, succulent and juicy meat along with fresh aromatic spices and herbs.

Making Biryani is what we call a ‘culinary masterpiece’. This is because it takes a lot of technique, patience and skill to perfect the dish as each and every component is prepared and perfected in terms of the aroma, texture and flavor. From eons past, the Nizams and Nawabs used specialized cooks to prepare the Biryani as they were the only ones who knew which ingredient to use to create an exquisite dish which would whet the appetites of the royals. It is this very imperial feast that is created with the same precise method by our expert chefs from Biryani Hyderabadi. For every discerning palate, our Biryani is made with love and served with style.

Come to Biryani Hyderabadi and partake in the feast of Kings from long ago!